Monday, March 10, 2014

Progress Level: Zero

     Over this past week I have had ZERO time to take pictures. The week was full of testing and half days, and maybe I wasn't testing every single day but who doesn't need a break every once and a while...
     So I have nothing to show you but I might as well update you on a few things!! Just recently Mr. Provenzano informed us that our blogs were put in a link in a CNN article. How cool right? I mean you obviously already have found my blog but if you want to read the article here is the link!
     Next order of business is the TEDx event we will be hosting at my school! Now not every kid is going to get the chance to speak at it because we have only so many slots. I'm not decided if I'm interested in speaking at it. I definitely would love the experience but I have some stage fright when it comes to public speaking. Like I have mentioned in previous posts the topic of my talk is going to be passion. Just one of my little quirks is once you get me going on a subject sometimes its hard for me to stop.( that might be an issue) We only get about 8 min to do our entire talk and I know I will have one of two problems, not making it to 8 minutes or have trouble stopping at 8 minutes. But I know I will figure it out!
    Time for a photo update, the high today is 45 (WOOHOO) the highest it's been in a while. Which is bitter sweet. It's finally getting warm but, I thought I lived next to a lake, not in one!!! Everything is melting and then refreezing at night and its a mess!! But I'm determined to get out there and take some photos! Just not next weekend....(oops) Next weekend I'm hopping on a bus and heading to Indiana for a choir competition so there wont be much photo activity but the next week I will most likely take some photos and share! Well that's it for this update, until next time.
                                                   - Julia


  1. It sounds like you are very busy! And everyone deserves a break once in a while. In Connecticut it is becoming a mess as well. Rain, snow, melting snow, temperatures going up and down, I just want it to all be gone! In a few more weeks I bet you will have some beautiful places to take pictures of! Good luck at your competition and I look forward to seeing more pictures!

  2. Hello, Julia! My students were featured in that very same article! I have been following your photos for awhile, as my husband is from Allen Park, and I follow Mr. Provenzano on Twitter, so I see the projects he's excited about. Since I, too, have an affinity for photography, I've enjoyed seeing your posts. I hope the cold doesn't stop you anymore - I've learned that portraying your city also has to do with the little things. I'm currently trying a photo-a-day challenge for my current Genius Hour, and it IS a challenge, but I've learned how to be creative with my thinking as well. We've got melting and snow over and over, too, but keep it up - don't be discouraged! :) Thanks for sharing your learning journey with us!

    1. Thanks, I'll be sure to stay encouraged!! I'm glad I'm able to share my photos with people who also enjoy photography!

  3. Hello Julia B!
    I absolutely love your photos and the meaning between each of them. I think it's amazing that you take what you love doing and use it for the good of your community! My world geography class has just started our 20 time project. My teacher linked a list of names of students and their 20 time project's. Your's however grabbed the better part of my attention! I know that things can start piling up on you with school and all but keep your head up, get the things you have to get done out of the way and keep taking amazing photos!

    -Luke Bean