Sunday, February 2, 2014

So Much To Do So Little Time

This week again came with little progress on my project. This was mostly due to preparations for a choir competition and bad weather conditions. This weekend the choir I participate in competed and won a competition which made me think about what a great opportunity it is to be in something like that. This triggered a train of thought into my speech coming up in a few months. Along with talking about passion and creativity, I can talk about opportunity and things we are blessed with everyday. Many kids attend school and hate it but by incorporating this project to do something I love, school has become a lot more enjoyable. I am blessed to live in a community and go to a school that supports these kinda of projects. 

   I'm kind of getting sick of this weather too. It's preventing me from moving forward on this project. Outside it is either -5 degrees or there is 6 inches of snow on the ground every other day. This weather is being a real downer on my project. Not only am I running out of spaces to photograph but all the outdoor places are to hard to access in the snow! I would start to outline my speech but that would make me more nervous for it. I could start to put together my book but I have no idea where to start and I don't have enough pictures to use total. I have little individual pieces of all of these tasks now I just need to start putting them together. 


  1. Hi Julia! I completely agree with you on so many levels! Life often times gets so crazy that we can't get in everything that we want to accomplish. I know that many of my to-do lists don't get finished by the dates that I send, but everything gets done eventually so no worries! I love your perspective on school and life. I love that some events in your life make you step back and realize that although life can get so crazy, you can also be so blessed because that means that you have so much to do that you love. Thanks for giving me that perspective again!

    p.s. I am SO sick of this weather too! I need the beach and flip flops!!