Sunday, February 9, 2014

Blog Post # : who's counting?

I saw this the other day and it reminded me of the project. At times it seems like I have no energy or time for this project but this was just motivation to keep going with it!! This should be kept in mind for everyday things to, I think it's a great little saying.

         So this week I was trying to think of new ideas to roll with and a friend of mine mentioned maybe not just photographing places but people at the places! I thought this was a great idea, I could go to places and bring along a friend to model in my pictures. This is just one thing I'm thinking about doing on my next shoot. PSA: NEXT WEEK IS BREAK AND I WILL FINALLY BE ABLE TO GO SHOOT WITH HOPEFULLY NICE WEATHER yay! So as I was watching the news tonight, a story about Belle Isle came on. It talked about the efforts being made to improve the park. Now there is going to be a fee to get on the island and this money will go to helping clean it up too. I'm excited for the improvements to be made and see what a beautiful place it will be made into. Besides these quick little announcements I haven't made any other progress with my project, it was a crazy week. Next week promises progress and adventure! 

Ps. I was looking through some old pictures and I found an awesome skyline shot I don't think I've posted before. Here it is: 
it was shot on one of the warmer days this fall (maybe by posting this warm weather will come) 


  1. I LOVE this quote!! It is giving me inspiration for all of the things that I am working on right now! I love the idea of including people in your pictures! That would add a whole different aspect to your project! We have a long weekend this weekend, so I am hoping I get to finish my projects as well, although I don't think that we will have nice weather. I love the picture you posted and I can't wait to see more!

    1. Thanks! I hope the weather is better next week so I can get some good pictures! Good luck with your project too!!