Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Whole Lot Of Nothing

     To say the least this week has been unproductive... The focus on every high-schoolers mind was "MIDTERMS". Unfortunately the last thing on my mind was my project. But now that I sit down to write my blog a sense of nervousness overwhelms me...
     I have never been a fan of public speaking, or even a good public speaker, and with this presentation in June coming up my nerves are kicking in. At school, I am in choir, which causes people to ask me "How can you be in choir and be afraid of public speaking?" Well my answer to them is, in choir I am part of the group and I am not the main focus. During choir there are at least 35 other people on stage at the same time as me. The odds of people actually looking at me for a large period of time are small. BUT, at this presentation my english class will have all eyes and ears on me, which is not something I'm looking forward too. Hopefully I can overcome my cold feet by the time June rolls around.
     My second concern came to me this weekend also, I am running out of places to photograph!! Maybe its just the winter weather that is preventing me from going places. I mean you can only spend five minutes out of the car until you become concerned about losing some fingers and toes. Hopefully the spring weather comes fast and more photograph-able opportunities appear!!


  1. Hi Julia!

    My name is Mary and I am a grad student at USJ in CT. I can't wait to watch your project develop this semester! I love photography so this sounds really interesting! You can follow what my class is doing on twitter at #usjct #ed584

    Happy blogging!

    1. Thank you! Can't wait to check it out!!!