Sunday, April 6, 2014

Glass Half Full

     So last weeks blog post talked about perspective and I told the story of how I got my inspiration for the topic. This week I'm going to let you in on a little more of my story and how I look at life with a positive view. (WARNING: not about pictures at all but oh well) So my positive outlook on life started almost six years ago. I was in fourth grade and I was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. *no it is not because I ate too much sugar* (oy) Ever since then, there has been this burden on my shoulders and I've always had to be a little more responsible than other kids. I had to test my blood sugar 5 times a day and take insulin injections every time I ate and it was really a hassle and it kept me from feeling like a normal 10 year old. But then I was introduced to this camp in the summer for diabetic kids. While there I learned that this disease doesn't have to be a disability. I can live a normal life and I can do what other kids do with NO problems and I hadn't really realized that until I attended this camp. So now every summer I go and meet kids just like me and it's awesome. That was really my first step in looking through positive eyes. Now I try to live my life everyday by surrounding myself with positive people and do things that make me happy!! Second thing I do to try to look through positive eyes is seeing the good in everything. Some people may say that I laugh a little too much, okay I laugh a lot, but it's because I look at everything and see good things about it!! And hey, its proven laughing makes you live longer. 

     Next topic!!! Okay so procrastination is high like always so I'm going to show some old pictures of friends I've taken!!!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Running out of Time

Well, here's to another busy weekend and a late blog. This weekend I competed in the Michigan High School State Figure Skating Competition (woo hoo!) which took up most of the weekend. But, thankfully it was a long car ride there so I had some time to think about my speech.
     Last week I had a comment left on my blog, the person said how they appreciate the fact I am showing the good things about Detroit while there are so many pictures of the ruins out there. This inspired my topic for my talk. I'm going to talk about perspective. This topic will be easy to talk about for me because I have a lot to say about it. I think that everyone should look at the world through positive eyes. If you don't know what I mean, think about this. This weekend I was walking through the streets of East Lansing, I had my head down and I noticed hundreds of cigarettes on the ground, disgusted by them I picked my head up and looked at a parking structure. Hidden behind a pillar of the structure, I saw an amazing mural. It was some type of forest with beautiful trees and flowers and water that really captured my attention. But it was hard to see because of the pillar, it was hidden. I thought to myself why would someone hide something so beautiful. If I would've spent my time focusing on the cigarettes and not looked up I wouldn't have seen the masterpiece. This is an example of looking through positive eyes. If we focus on the cigarettes of a city like Detroit we don't look up in enough time to see the hidden murals.
     This fits into the saying you don't know what you've got until it's gone. Which applies to the Heidelberg Project.
If I were to show you this picture without any background on what it is, you would think that it looks like any other disheveled home in Detroit. But, what if I were to tell you that it used to be a tourist spot that represented creativity and happiness? You might grow a little more curious, then I would tell you that it was burned down for no reason AT ALL? That might spark even more questions... This is a picture of the Record House at the Heidelberg Project (or what it looks like now). It was a non profit tourist spot that was made for the purpose of showing creativity. This is what it used to look like:

Now, we could spend time looking at the ruins and being sad about what happened, OR I can sit here and be grateful I got to see this work of art before it was burned down. Again, the more we look at the hidden murals of Detroit the less we see the cigarettes. Not only am I applying my new-found perspective to my speech and my project but I've decided to apply it to my life also. I'll try to look at the more positive things in life than negative, because one time if you focus more on the cigarettes, you might miss something great.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Progress Level: Zero

     Over this past week I have had ZERO time to take pictures. The week was full of testing and half days, and maybe I wasn't testing every single day but who doesn't need a break every once and a while...
     So I have nothing to show you but I might as well update you on a few things!! Just recently Mr. Provenzano informed us that our blogs were put in a link in a CNN article. How cool right? I mean you obviously already have found my blog but if you want to read the article here is the link!
     Next order of business is the TEDx event we will be hosting at my school! Now not every kid is going to get the chance to speak at it because we have only so many slots. I'm not decided if I'm interested in speaking at it. I definitely would love the experience but I have some stage fright when it comes to public speaking. Like I have mentioned in previous posts the topic of my talk is going to be passion. Just one of my little quirks is once you get me going on a subject sometimes its hard for me to stop.( that might be an issue) We only get about 8 min to do our entire talk and I know I will have one of two problems, not making it to 8 minutes or have trouble stopping at 8 minutes. But I know I will figure it out!
    Time for a photo update, the high today is 45 (WOOHOO) the highest it's been in a while. Which is bitter sweet. It's finally getting warm but, I thought I lived next to a lake, not in one!!! Everything is melting and then refreezing at night and its a mess!! But I'm determined to get out there and take some photos! Just not next weekend....(oops) Next weekend I'm hopping on a bus and heading to Indiana for a choir competition so there wont be much photo activity but the next week I will most likely take some photos and share! Well that's it for this update, until next time.
                                                   - Julia

Friday, February 28, 2014

Questions, Questions

    This week we were asked to answer to questions about our project:
What have you liked the most/ least about the project?
What do you wish you could've done differently about it?
    My favorite aspect of the project is that it is a way to enjoy school. I can come into class on Friday and know I'm about to do something that is going to be fun and something I enjoy. It gives me a time on the weekend when I'm stuck studying to take a break and have some fun writing my blog or exploring and taking pictures. I'm grateful for this project.
    On the other hand my least favorite aspect about this project is that I don't have more time. I have a  super busy schedule and I don't always get around to taking pictures, which makes blog posts hard to write sometimes. But one thing I can say is that it's hard to stick to your initial project.(I mean there are only so many places in Detroit to photograph!!!)
     This leads into the question, what do you wish could've done differently? I wish I would've made my project a little broader in theme. Maybe something like putting together a book of all my photography and doing a section on Detroit, but to late to turn back now!! Overall I've really liked this project and I'm glad I had the opportunity to do it!! 
Until next week! 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Model Status

    Yay!! This week I finally had the time to go Downtown and shoot. This time I brought along my friend Mary. She modeled for me! The first photos you see are from the Casino on Belle Isle, next we stopped at the fountain on the island and lastly took some skyline shots of the city from across the river. The next location we shot at was the Heidelberg project and captured some cool shots there. The last place we went was the heart of downtown, to Comerica Park, The Fox Theater and The Fist. Hopefully the weather cooperates and next weekend I can take some more great shots!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Blog Post # : who's counting?

I saw this the other day and it reminded me of the project. At times it seems like I have no energy or time for this project but this was just motivation to keep going with it!! This should be kept in mind for everyday things to, I think it's a great little saying.

         So this week I was trying to think of new ideas to roll with and a friend of mine mentioned maybe not just photographing places but people at the places! I thought this was a great idea, I could go to places and bring along a friend to model in my pictures. This is just one thing I'm thinking about doing on my next shoot. PSA: NEXT WEEK IS BREAK AND I WILL FINALLY BE ABLE TO GO SHOOT WITH HOPEFULLY NICE WEATHER yay! So as I was watching the news tonight, a story about Belle Isle came on. It talked about the efforts being made to improve the park. Now there is going to be a fee to get on the island and this money will go to helping clean it up too. I'm excited for the improvements to be made and see what a beautiful place it will be made into. Besides these quick little announcements I haven't made any other progress with my project, it was a crazy week. Next week promises progress and adventure! 

Ps. I was looking through some old pictures and I found an awesome skyline shot I don't think I've posted before. Here it is: 
it was shot on one of the warmer days this fall (maybe by posting this warm weather will come) 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

So Much To Do So Little Time

This week again came with little progress on my project. This was mostly due to preparations for a choir competition and bad weather conditions. This weekend the choir I participate in competed and won a competition which made me think about what a great opportunity it is to be in something like that. This triggered a train of thought into my speech coming up in a few months. Along with talking about passion and creativity, I can talk about opportunity and things we are blessed with everyday. Many kids attend school and hate it but by incorporating this project to do something I love, school has become a lot more enjoyable. I am blessed to live in a community and go to a school that supports these kinda of projects. 

   I'm kind of getting sick of this weather too. It's preventing me from moving forward on this project. Outside it is either -5 degrees or there is 6 inches of snow on the ground every other day. This weather is being a real downer on my project. Not only am I running out of spaces to photograph but all the outdoor places are to hard to access in the snow! I would start to outline my speech but that would make me more nervous for it. I could start to put together my book but I have no idea where to start and I don't have enough pictures to use total. I have little individual pieces of all of these tasks now I just need to start putting them together.